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  • Aitana Membrado

Firefly (Luciérnaga)

In 2016 I started investigating and documenting a small deserted area of houses near my flat in the city I grew up in, Saragossa. I was a cinema programmer (elsewhere in the city) and the first films we showed were about urban areas, creative documentaries with the same topic.

I wanted to film something about the evolution of the neighborhood. And then, in the summer of 2017 we filmed in July first, and also in August. A while ago I moved to Barcelona, spent a lot of time editing it and getting music, and preparing a long trailer.

Urban evolution (its processes and injustices) have been all around us in Spain since the 2008 crisis, with books, talks, TV reports, news....and also in the industry, with some powerful titles made by artistic filmmakers weighing its pros and cons.

Therefore, I've been pre-producing, writing the script, directing with a big team of friends and collaborators.

The title, Firefly, is a license about how this insect only shows up in certain places. They are difficult to see, but sometimes we can enjoy their light at night.

Film in Creative Commons


Director: Aitana Enciso Membrado

Script: Violeta Enciso Membrado, Aitana E.M., Alejandro Ramírez

DP: Pablo de Tomás

Asst. DP: Laura Gimeno Lerín

Sound: Chema (Zetac Sonido, Saragossa)

Production Company: Jorge Yetano (Yeti Film)

Rentals July: Asiria (Madrid)

Rentals Agust: Yeti Film, Pablo de Tomás, Aitana E. M.

Sound Postproduction: Sergio Segura

Edition: Álvaro Mazarrasa, Jorge Yetano, Aitana Enciso Membrado

Executive Production: Emilia Membrado, María Morales, Mabel Yus


Terraza le Pastis, Margen Izquierda del Ebro, streets,

Las 3 Marías (taller costura) calle Germana de Foix.


El respland'Or

Artist: Tachenko

Album: Os reís porque sois jóvenes, 2010

Limbo Starr

En un somni estrany

Artist: Pau Vallvé

Album: Abisme cavall hivern primavera i tornar, 2017

Pau Vallvé

Súbeme el Monitor

Artist: Za!

Album: Wanananai, 2013

Gandula Records


3 años pre-produciendo, escribiendo el guión y finalmente montando el mediometraje Luciérnaga. Es un pequeño documental en Creative Commons para denunciar el crecimiento desmedido de la ciudad de Zaragoza, los daños de la Burbuja Inmobiliaria, y la desaparición de la memoria de los barrios de la Margen Izquierda Jesús y Arrabal.

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